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Here is what our customers had to say about

Joe Young’s Pest Control:


“I can’t imagine another (pest control service company) providing for me the way you have for the last fifteen years.  Thank you, thank you!”


“I just want to thank you for your work around our home.  You’re always on time, Joe, and your service has been excellent.  Thank you for being so professional.”


“I was looking for someone and asked my friend Barry who I should call.  He told me Joe Young’s and not to waste my time with anyone else, that you were the best.  And he was right!”


“Joe, I don’t know what I would have done without you.  I brag to my friends that spiders and flies don’t live long if they dare to enter my house!  You are always there before the hatching of the annual pests and you always return my calls!  There is no one like you in this industry, trust me.  My home and business are so well taken care of by your services that I have become spoiled.  You always come when I call for emergency treatments, like with the wasps, or when Mickey and Minnie moved in with their instant family!! Ugh..  It amazes me that you take care of my needs on a quarterly basis better than my prior service did when they came every month!  You amaze me!!  Thank you.”

Joe Young’s Pest Control

Minnesota Department of Agriculture


Structural Pest Control License  # 20095912

Structural Pest Control Applicator—Master (SPCA) License # 20095913

Commercial Pesticide Applicator—Ground, Turf & Ornamentals License # 20100974